George Inci was born 1965 in Kelkit/ Turkey. At the age of four he came with his family to Germany. After school he did basic studies in law. Then he decided to study acting and dancing at ETAGE Berlin. After graduating he shot several movies with directors like Wim Wenders, Vadim Glowna, Sigi Rothemund, Carlo Rola, Matthias Tiefenbacher and stood in front of the camera with actors like Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Udo Kier, Heiner Lauterbach, Gudrun Landgrebe and many others.

Besides his work as an actor George Inci started writing screenplays. His script HIRSCHEN has been supported in 2002 by the Mitteldeutschen Filmförderung (german filmfund). During the last years George Inci built his own filmproduction called Inci Pictures Filmproduktion and realized several films and shorts. His film BABA has been invited to international filmfestivals and has been shown in several cinemas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. His filmcomedy HIRSCHEN was shot in german and in „original mountain english“. The german vesion has been released in Austria in 2014 and in Germany and Switzerland in 2015.



2023                Interview-Collection with Thomas Mayer, Hans Hansen, Agnes Hardorp, 

                        series on vimeo, production

2023                Wesensforschungen, series on vimeo, production

2022                Key messages by Beatrice v. Moreau, series on vimeo, production

                                    release 2022

2022                Technikwesen, workshop with Hans Hansen, production

                                    release 2022

2022                Technikwesen, Interview with Hans Hansen, production

                                    release 2022

2021                Preparation of the workshop with Marko Pogačnik, Schloss Bettenburg, production       

                                    release 2021

2021                Geomantie – Gespräche mit Marko Pogačnik, production

                                     release 2021

2021                Geomantie - Gespräche mit Hans Hansen und Ulrich Gappel, production

                                    release 2021


2021                Essenzen der Aufstellungsarbeit – Gespräche mit Harald Homberger, production

                                   VOD release 2021

since 2020       IMPULSE, weekly series on vimeo, production

2020               DEEPLY Moved / BERÜHRT, series, production

                        release DVD and VOD by daredo filmdistribution 2020

2019                DEEPLY Moved / BERÜHRT, 140 min., documentary, production

                                release VOD by daredo filmdistribution 2020

2010-2015        HIRSCHEN - We also speak english, 126 min. motion picture, production

                                release DVD and VOD by daredo filmdistribution 2015

2010-2014        HIRSCHEN 125 min., motion picture, production and release

                                release in Austria 2014

                                release in Germany 2015

                                release in Switzerland  2015

                                release DVD and VOD by daredo filmdistribution 2015

                                I Filmmakers International Filmfestival Marbella 2015

2013                 TRAUGOTT, DAS WARZENSCHWEIN, audio drama for children, co-production with 

                                Hörchen, released in 2013

2010                WAS SICH DER MENSCH ALS WAHRHEIT SCHAFFT, 40 min, shortfilm, production

2009-2014        BABA 65 min., motion picture, production

                                released in 2012 (work in progress version)

                                Int. filmfestival Avanca/ Portugal 2011

                                Int. filmfestival Bogotá/ Columbia 2011

                                Cape Winelands filmfestival, Capetown/Southafrica 2012

                                    release (reworked version) in Austria 2014/ Germany 2015

                                Los Angeles CineFest 2015

                                Underground Filmfestival 2015/ 16

                                Nexgen Mobile Filmfestival 2015

                                Menar Filmfestival, Sofia, Bulgarien, 2016

2009                 DER BUSCHWICHTEL UND DIE REGENBRAUT, audio drama for children, co-production 

                                with Hörchen, released in 2011

2008                BASIM 80 min., motion picture, production

2008                WETTEN?! 6 min., shortfilm, production

2007                LA PALOMA 4 min., shortfilm, production

2007                DIE BRANDNER 3 min., shortfilm, production

2007                ELISABETH 2 min., shortfilm, production

2007                DAS HAUS AM SEE 2 min., shortfilm, production

2006                DEUTSCHMOND 50 min., motion picture, production

2003                THERAPIE 4 min., shortfilm, production